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Smile Africa is a voluntary non-profit association founded in 2007 in Rovigo by a group of people who promote cultural activities, as well as educational and support projects in Italy, Africa and in developing countries.

From its foundation until today, Smile Africa commits itself to implement different projects, bonded together by beneficial goals, intended to improve the living conditions of people in need or at risk of exclusion. The projects realized are of social concern such as education, assistance to people's needs, improvement of health and hygiene conditions (in developing countries), company start-ups and microcredit (in developing countries), with the aim to contribute to the economic and social development of the areas covered by the intervention.
In Italy, in particular, the association set up educational projects targeted at people with disabilities and awareness-raising activities on topics such as international cooperation and cultural activities, through the collaboration with public and private bodies, health firms, artistic and cultural associations, schools and other voluntary associations.

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Onlus progetti in Africa

University internships

Smile Africa's commitment to the university education path through internship projects in Italy and abroad.

Onlus progetti in Italia


Partners who actively collaborate with their support for Smile Africa Onlus activities and projects.