Project "We don't bully ourselves"

The project "we don't bully ourselves" foresees educational paths organized by the secondary schools of first level of Rovigo, through a series of meetings led by psychologists with the classes.
The need to propose this topic resulted from the emerging phenomenon of the "bullying" inside the social tissue, even local, and from hints of aggressiveness and episodes of oppression among youngsters. In particular, the bullying phenomenon, which is based on other forms of aggressive behaviour and from bullying, doesn't affect only the single person or the couple, "victim of bullying", but it involves the entire group as a class; such oppressive behaviour can be encouraged or discouraged by the role and attitude of the other components of the group. Therefore, it was useful and necessary to develop a tailored educational path to be proposed to the class, aimed at enhancing the relationship's abilities in favour of the respect for themselves and for the others, by promoting a dialogue between adult people and themselves, to avoid the fact that the behavioural model, typical of bullying, becomes a preferential way of relation among teenagers.