Actively live the eldierly

Our society is aging. Over 65s are over 25% of the population and the elderly can be accompanied by loneliness, loss of friends and family at a time when relationships and emotional networks are particularly important.
Keeping the body active and the mind helps to overcome the problems of depression and loneliness and participation in a friendly and solidarity group contributes to the improvement of the aging process.
Our association "Smile Africa" ​​proposes to offer to the elderly still self-sufficient, but who live in a situation of loneliness and who wish to remain active and have a life of relationship, a series of initiatives of various kinds aimed at creating a friendly network among the elderly and volunteers involved in the proposed activities, which give support to their daily life through moments of friendship, culture, knowledge of experiences and other realities far from ours.
We address citizens residing in Rovigo and villages and neighboring municipalities: Villadose, Pontecchio, Ceregnano, Bosaro, Guarda Veneta, Barberry.
For people who are not able to move independently there is a transport service.
Below are listed the various activities that we propose and for which the senior member can express his preference by ticking Yes or No in the membership box.
The senior member is invited to fill in the membership form that will be left where it was delivered.