"Hope of life" project - life expectancy

The "hope of life" project was defined during the creation of a "medical/ dispensary point of first aid" in the village of Chipole, District of Songea, in Tanzania. The aim was to build a hospital and make it operative to serve a catchment area of about 80,000/100,000 inhabitants. The project led to the construction of a little hospital with about 30 beds that allowed the poorest people of Chipole and other 6 nearby villages in the region of Ruvuma to have a building which can meet their sanitary needs. In particular, this hospital provides these people with assistance in relation to the emerging problems in the area, such as the high child mortality rate, the premature death of pregnant women, and the level of SIDA's sick people and other syndromes of rapid diffusion due to their highly infective nature, as well as endemic diseases, such as the malaria.

All the following activities were realized by the volunteers of the association in collaboration with the partners of the project: the project, the start, the finalisation of the buildings and the furniture of the structure intended for the supply of the sanitary service; the coordination and the supervision of the works to guarantee the perfectly done execution; the management of the partnership between private and public authorities, both Italian and from Tanzania, the participation to the start of the sanitary activity, and the maintenance of the structure.